Thursday, 24 November 2011

You are beautiful

Yes that's right. You. Say it out loud (changing it to the first person of course). Put it on your mirror. Heard a singer use these words in one of his beautiful tunes as the sunset was having its own show outside. It reminded me of how much beauty there is in each of us. Often times this gets overlooked or minimalised by our thoughts and actions. So sometimes we need a little reminding. The odd treat for ourselves doesn't hurt either. There is a beautiful book called 'The Artist's Way'. One of the tasks in the book is to take yourself on an 'artist date' regularly. Mine is often a movie, as this is a safe bet. But I also have come to realise that the more we give ourselves a good shake up...i.e. doing something that ruffles your feathers. Mine tonight was going to a gig on my own. Was great..fear is only a facade. So have fun starlets and go get your feathers ruffled. xo

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