Sunday, 20 January 2013

California Dreaming…

  ‘…stay golden’…reads the gospel according to Holden Caulfield.  In the course of our lives, we are afforded many an opportunity to do this very thing. For me, this was my recent soiree to the states of California and New York City. A dream whose eventuality was in question at more than one point in the lead up. I often find myself telling my friends that the fears we have in life are always bigger inside our head. And if we look behind us, it is possible to see the rewards that do come from stepping up to the plate.
Whatever we do in life and who we choose to do it with holds both power and possibility. Michael Patrick King, whose words for ‘Sex and the City’ continues to bring awareness of this to many. Not only does he write in a manner that is both poetic and at times prophetic; but it also, perhaps more importantly, makes us smile. As I write these words, I am reminded of the Zen saying of ‘jump and the net will appear’.  As Carrie took to her trapeze and jumped, the net did indeed appear. And so mine did at many a point when I was overseas.
The conundrum can then be re adjusting to life back home. How do you translate the wow into the now? By choosing more cliff jumps, so to speak.  I am being inspired by the pages of Jack Kerouac’s ‘On the Road’ at the moment. He simply put pen to paper and wrote from his heart, without giving a hulabaloo for what his audience may or may not think. For it really doesn’t matter. Our dreams are for us to live out. He writes about the challenges of struggling to have enough bread to get by as he travels throughout America in the fifties. But apart from his lyrical beauty, his heartfelt determination leaps off the page. My audience will think many things and my challenge is to keep writing. The reason I’m also inspired by him lies in his style of writing…stream of consciousness. Rather than purchasing a neat edited copy of his work, I opted for the original scroll. Raw. That’s how at times I feel, as if the ground beneath me is a tightrope that could fall away. But maybe that’s what working with your edge means, embracing a courageous heart.
It’s no mistake really that life has led me to teaching in many arenas. For the ultimate thankyou to a teacher of ours is to follow in their footsteps. We are shown the way by our forefathers.  Judith Hanson Laseter has entrusted me with the gift that is restorative yoga, which I feel really honoured to receive. Along with asana, she passed on many a word of wisdom in terms of teaching practice. The one that stood out to me was thanking the teachers we are given in life. As she enters her class, she offers her practice up as an act of gratitude. And there will be times when I feel I will let her down or not be good enough. I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway, as I have been given an unshakeable gift whose depth continues to astound me. And if we remain true to ourselves we will never let down our best teacher - ourselves.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ramblings from Rutherglen

In a weird twist of fate, I live 20 minutes from the wine region of Rutherglen, yet am on an alcohol free year. Thanks to yoga teacher training, this is one of the, I guess you could say, blessings in disguise. I am slowly building up a little cellar for myself, which is teaching me a bit of delayed gratification. It's amazing at times what we are able to do if we make a commitment. I went to Rutherglen today and went riding. I rode along the rail trails to find a nice lunch spot. Not realising that Tuesdays are a bit of a ghost town here, I found one of the few places open. I sat out the back and had my shanks alongside a peacock and a puppy. It was pretty cool really. Only six months ago, my poor boyfriend was chaffeuring me patiently around the wineries as I hazily partook in regional specialities. Rutherglen, for example, was a blur, as all I remember was racing to Warrabilla (amazing reds by the way) and then dozing in the car back. Again a good thing I wasn't behind the wheel. So the tenuous point that I'm trying to get to..The unexpected curve ball that is temporary sobriety has given me other gems..being able to ride my pushy being one of them. But more than that, smelling the olive trees, embracing quiet times, seeing a town with fresh eyes. Thankyou universe for giving me a chance to push my boundaries and open new doors. Sweet dreams all.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Being a Goddess

Reminding myself how nice it is to have a sloth day once in a while - book, couch, tea. In the spirit of embracing the need to retreat, these things really do the trick. Especially as women, we often don't slow down, stop or self nourish. Which is why this blog is going to be short and sweet - as I'm not done with the mini retreat yet. Here's to taking a retreat for ourselves once in a while x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Blooming lovely

Held a newborn baby today. The surprising thing about that is that I've never really believed myself to be the clucky type. But today, I melted. And it was a beautiful moment, as new life is really an amazing thing. I'm thinking that's what caused me to buy a new plant and embrace the life in my backyard. It's so good to have one of those. So this new potted plant is a real experiment for me in properly looking after something living. Plants give happiness to so many people and it really makes sense, as its another representation of new life. Plants, like babies, really depend on the care of a responsible person. It's an honour really, as it becomes an extension of ourselves. If this plant continues to grow and flourish, maybe that is a mirror for me in my life. So I look forward to that, as I do the joy in the new life that we see everyday. Namaste folks.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Simplicity in a smile

Adjusting to home after coming back from a holiday is always a journey of discovery. I still can't stop smiling when I think about my travels and how lucky I am. But I think that this can weird others out...Everyone, I mean everyone, on Lord Howe Island,waves and smiles to one another. It's such a little thing but it really brings about connection. It's been said that a stranger is a friend you just haven't met yet. I like that idea. I think if more of us smiled at one another, it would work well for both sides. So here's to working those facial muscles and enjoying new friendships.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

the new

Always thought that rivers were nice to look at, but never really saw myself spending a lot of time actually in one. Well I am now no longer a Murray River virgin..and I've got the bug. Immersing yourself in a flowing dark body of water is quite a liberating experience. Throw caution to the wind and dive in..sure there is a metaphor for life in there. Anyway, its great to be open to new things, rather than just pigeon holing ourselves. I love the ocean and it is a different sensation being tossed among the waves. But when in Rome..So besides the references to water, embracing the new brings in things that we could have never predicted. Coming up to Christmas and the New Year makes us re evaluate or take stock of our lives so far. So in that vein, put on your curiosity  cap and go explore the world around you. And most importantly, enjoy the experience!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

'It's my party'

I am one of those people who shares their birthday with the silly season. I kinda love it, as Christmas is one of my favourite holidays..a white Christmas in New York is definitely on the wish list. However, as I was planning my birthday thing this year - and I'm having 2 :), I found that I began censoring myself. The cheeky inner critic telling me things like I was 'too old' or 'too greedy'. The thing is, conditioning is a nasty thing - like diet shakes. We need to see it for what it truly is - unnecessary noise. Acting on impulse and having fun is what life is all about - so here's to embracing the silly season!