Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Ramblings from Rutherglen

In a weird twist of fate, I live 20 minutes from the wine region of Rutherglen, yet am on an alcohol free year. Thanks to yoga teacher training, this is one of the, I guess you could say, blessings in disguise. I am slowly building up a little cellar for myself, which is teaching me a bit of delayed gratification. It's amazing at times what we are able to do if we make a commitment. I went to Rutherglen today and went riding. I rode along the rail trails to find a nice lunch spot. Not realising that Tuesdays are a bit of a ghost town here, I found one of the few places open. I sat out the back and had my shanks alongside a peacock and a puppy. It was pretty cool really. Only six months ago, my poor boyfriend was chaffeuring me patiently around the wineries as I hazily partook in regional specialities. Rutherglen, for example, was a blur, as all I remember was racing to Warrabilla (amazing reds by the way) and then dozing in the car back. Again a good thing I wasn't behind the wheel. So the tenuous point that I'm trying to get to..The unexpected curve ball that is temporary sobriety has given me other gems..being able to ride my pushy being one of them. But more than that, smelling the olive trees, embracing quiet times, seeing a town with fresh eyes. Thankyou universe for giving me a chance to push my boundaries and open new doors. Sweet dreams all.

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