Monday, 16 January 2012

Blooming lovely

Held a newborn baby today. The surprising thing about that is that I've never really believed myself to be the clucky type. But today, I melted. And it was a beautiful moment, as new life is really an amazing thing. I'm thinking that's what caused me to buy a new plant and embrace the life in my backyard. It's so good to have one of those. So this new potted plant is a real experiment for me in properly looking after something living. Plants give happiness to so many people and it really makes sense, as its another representation of new life. Plants, like babies, really depend on the care of a responsible person. It's an honour really, as it becomes an extension of ourselves. If this plant continues to grow and flourish, maybe that is a mirror for me in my life. So I look forward to that, as I do the joy in the new life that we see everyday. Namaste folks.

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