Tuesday, 20 December 2011

the new

Always thought that rivers were nice to look at, but never really saw myself spending a lot of time actually in one. Well I am now no longer a Murray River virgin..and I've got the bug. Immersing yourself in a flowing dark body of water is quite a liberating experience. Throw caution to the wind and dive in..sure there is a metaphor for life in there. Anyway, its great to be open to new things, rather than just pigeon holing ourselves. I love the ocean and it is a different sensation being tossed among the waves. But when in Rome..So besides the references to water, embracing the new brings in things that we could have never predicted. Coming up to Christmas and the New Year makes us re evaluate or take stock of our lives so far. So in that vein, put on your curiosity  cap and go explore the world around you. And most importantly, enjoy the experience!

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