Monday, 5 December 2011

so many tears i cried..

This was part of the chorus in one of rock God Lenny Kravitz' beautiful tunes. As today was singing day, I have a whole bunch of different songs in my head. This one in particular strikes a chord with me however as he is really putting himself out there. Because, really, what's the point in not doing that. Note to self there, take my own sage advice :) At the moment, I'm getting stupidly excited about my weekend in Sydney. Primarily for reiki training. But also a touch of swimming, shopping and ballet viewing thrown in. I love visiting my old home, as I get a chance to check in, so to speak. This visit will prove particularly poignant, as I say a real goodbye to an old flame - which was maybe the subconscious reason for my headline. It is indeed bittersweet that the passing of times brings with it the inevitability of change.I am not the same person, cue the farewell to old flames. No regrets about having gone there and now going away from that. The necessary tears, chocolate and retail therapy trips brought me to where I am now.  As for the putting myself out there, for me that means standing strong enough to hold up my dreams on a daily basis - as there are many and my wish list for life keeps growing. Part of the excitement for me in Sydney is seeing the big Christmas tree - it is truly magical and serves as a reminder of my mini me. So as the clock starts to signal time to sleep, may your dreams be merry, joyful and magical. Ps in case you were wondering, the name of the song is 'It ain't over till it's over'.

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