Sunday, 20 November 2011

flying fairy dust

Apparently fairy dust can only make you fly if it is accompanied by a happy thought. So spoke my singing teacher, paraphrasing the words of Robin Williams' Hook. It did the trick, as my notes finally took flight and were no longer caught in my throat, so to speak. It's the same old thing of taking one's own advice. I teach teens about the importance of empowering thoughts, but sometimes overlook pruning my own garden. And it's a lot of fun, the happy thinking game. Brings you back to the innocence and freedom that is just part of your nature as a small child. My happy thoughts in singing class were full of faraway places and magic, possibly conjured up by the 'Hook' reference. Taking on a creative pursuit is one thing, but really stepping into it and having fun is the one small step that makes all the difference. So sleep, as Shakespeare would say 'perchance to dream'.

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