Sunday, 27 November 2011

fake it till you make it

Was having a coffee at my local this morning and one of my yogi friends commented that I was living a 'rock star life'. I guess you could say that it really isn't too far from the truth. My mum always did used to say that I had a 'champagne taste'. But I think that's important, letting the princess or prince side in us out, more than just on 'special occasions'. When working in a casual position, it can be even more of a challenge at times. Which makes the rewards even greater. My new lease on life, so to soeak has come about through the underrated pursuit they call goal setting. After a beautiful yoga workshop yesterday (try dru yoga if you have not done so yet), this was our homework. To sit and think about the important goals in our life - mentally, physically and spiritually. It keeps you accountable and working towards all the desires in our hearts. Hence the title of this blog. Yeah, I am taking singing lessons, it's not at the moment something I receive money for...but fake it till you make it honey. As the song says, we are all rock stars x

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