Saturday, 29 October 2011

Being kept on your toes

Saw a beautiful little film called 'Catfish' last night and it had such a poignant message about losing ouselves in the journey of others. This woman who once wanted to be a dancer and had the potentail to, gave it all away, only to later find herself trapped and sorrounded literally by disabilty and ilness. If that's not an extended metaphor, then I don't really know what is. So we are all given the gift of life - and it is a gift that is full of possibilities. But all too often people, myself included, trade those possiblities for the 'safety' that security brings. I still dance, even though I am older than the 'typical' dancer is. It is like oxygen to me. So whatever it is that makes you smile beautiful people, please don't turn your back on it. One day too it may come back to haunt you. xx

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