Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The fat lady has sung

I like that an opera analogy is used when referring to the end of a chapter in one's life. I guess life really is an opera - its ups and downs, trials and tribulations so to speak. Each chapter, or experience bringing us closer to the path we are meant to be on. I do believe that - destiny. You know in your gut when you stray away from it. Sometimes we don't heed the call of the famous fat lady, only to cry about it later when we splutter back onto our path. But thank God for tears, the cathartic little morsels that they are. I was faced today with a chapter from my past and it was, as is often the case, bitter sweet. I was glad to have had the experience and to have been reminded of it, while also being reminded that some challenging times lay ahead as I forge a new life for myself. The feeling in my gut that I am listening to, however, does remind me that the good old universe is indeed unfolding as it should. Goodnight girls and boys. xx

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